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Development cooperation

Italy and Lebanon: a cooperation ongoing since 1983

The history of solidarity, cooperation and collaboration between Italy and Lebanon started in 1983. That year, the two Government signed the first agreement on an Italian financial contribution to the reconstruction of Lebanon, shattered by the civil war. Those funds were employed to build a pumping station for the public waterworks in the outskirts of Beirut. The plant remains, to this day, a key node to provide water to the capital.
Building on that first project, Italian Development Cooperation has been constantly active and present in the country since 1983, working with Lebanese institutions and civil society towards post-war reconstruction and support to vulnerable social groups. An engagement on the ground that was further strengthened after the 2006 war, with the establishment of a Development Cooperation field office in Lebanon.

The work of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS)

Italy, also thanks to its Development Cooperation, is among the most important partners of the Lebanese institutions and has become a point of reference in several sectors, including intervention strategies aimed at mitigating the impact of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon.

Today, in line with Law 125/2014 on the reform of Development AID, AICS Beirut funds programs and projects implemented by International Organizations and Civil Society Organizations, operating in synergy with several public and private stakeholders, in Lebanon, Italy and Europe. AICS projects contribute to Italy’s action aimed at fostering stabilization and development of the socio-economic fabric of Lebanon.

Through the bilateral channel, AICS funds several initiatives in priority sectors: social policies (support to children, women and gender issues, healthcare services), environmental protection (improvement of environmental conditions, renewable energies, sustainable use of natural resources, waste management) , building of basic infrastructure (water treatment plants, wastewater management, canalization for agricultural purposes), rural and agricultural development, and protection and valorization of the cultural and archeological heritage of Lebanon.

Since 2011, AICS Beirut has strengthened its humanitarian and development actions in support of the sectors and communities in Lebanon most affected by the spillovers of the conflict in Syria, and has been tasked with managing programs in Syria. Italy’s intervention, in the context of the international response, ranges from emergency aid to supporting resilience of refugees and host communities alike.

For further information on development cooperation activities, please visit AICS BEIRUT website.