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According to the relevant European and Italian legislation currently in force, the visa office of the Embassy of Italy may process the undermentioned visa types:

A. Schengen visa application “C” for:

  1. Business 
  2. Sports competition
  3. Invitation
  4. Self-employed (lavoro autonomo) & salaried employed (lavoro subordinato)
  5. Mission
  6. Religious reasons
  7. Research
  8. Study (including internship and vocational training)
  9. Transit
  10. Transport

B. National visa application “D” for:

  1. Adoption
  2. Self-employed (lavoro autonomo) & salaried employed (lavoro subordinato)
  3. Mission
  4. Family reunion
  5. Religious reasons
  6. Re-entry
  7. Elective residence
  8. Study
  9. Research

As per tourist visas, the visa office of the Embassy may process only applications from the following categories:

  • Applications submitted by family members of EU citizens/holders of EU residence permit (family members include spouse, registered partner, dependent direct descendants under the age of 21, dependent direct relatives in the ascending or descending line).
  • Applications submitted by applicants who have a stable affective relationship (regardless of whether or not they cohabit) with Italian/EU/Schengen citizens or with persons who are legally resident in Italy (on a long-term basis) and if they are travelling to their partners’ home/domicile/dwelling (in Italy).

Visa application are to be submitted via TLScontact:

For queries, please contact the visa office of the Embassy via email:


Important notice on COVID-19 related travel restrictions to Italy & the Schengen area

As part of the measures to contain the spreading of COVID-19, Schengen States have introduced travel restrictions. Depending on the development of the epidemiological situation both within and outside the EU, travel restrictions to Italy & other Schengen countries may be eased or reinforced.

All travelers are responsible for verifying the travel restrictions in place before departure. Holders of a Schengen visas are not automatically entitled to enter the Schengen area and must follow the travel restrictions in place at the moment of travel.

Before travelling, all travelers should check the updates of the relevant legislation adopted by the Italian Government regarding entry to Italy at the following web-link (quarantine obligations etc):

The Visa Office does not assume any responsibility in case a holder of a Schenegen visa is not allowed to enter the Italian territory.