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Press conference aboard the Italian warship Francesco Morosini

On the occasion of the arrival of the Italian warship Francesco Morosini to the port of Beirut to conclude its 6-month mission in the Indo-Pacific region, the Italian Embassy organized a press conference held by the ship’s Commander, Giovanni Monno, on board of the ship in the presence of a crowd of journalists and media outlets.

Commander Monno illustrated the activities carried out on board of the ship, which is distinguished by its operational flexibility and advanced technologies. He started with a warm thank to the Lebanese State for the reception it granted to the ship, and said: “This means a lot to me and to the ship’s crew, and this step aims to consolidate the already strong relations between Lebanon and Italy.”

He pointed out that this ship is a modern, high-tech, multi-purpose one that carries out both military tasks such as long-range patrols, logistical transport, surface combat, and civil protection activities, i.e. advanced search and rescue operations, having a helicopter flight on board. In fact, the two aft modular zones can receive mission-tailored containers such as logistical units, health care units, and may embark Special Forces or a command staff.

The Commander announced as well that the ship was entirely built in Italy by Fincantieri with a new design based on wave-breaking bows to support the hydrodynamic characteristics and optimized propulsion systems. While saving fuel consumption, the ship maximum speed can exceed 32 knots.

The ship sailed for the first time in 2022 and is one of the lightest warships. It weighs about 6,679 tons, and is about 143 meters long with a beam of about 16.5 meters. It can accommodate a crew of about 137 people. It includes high- and medium-caliber artillery systems, remote-controlled screens, as well as a dual-band X-radar, a navigation radar, an electronic warfare system, a friend-and-foe identification system, in addition to helicopters.

It is noteworthy to mention that one of the tasks of the Morosini ship is to carry out maritime diplomacy, conduct sea patrols, as well as training courses for the countries where it is carrying its activity. It can also be used for humanitarian cases and carry a field hospital on board.

The press conference was followed by a media tour.